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Pembroke Elementary School





Built in 1982, the Pembroke Elementary School is located on US Route 1 near the border with Dennysville. The facility features classrooms for Grades K through 8, a gym/cafeteria, a library, a classroom used for music, art and health, playground and ball field, and offices.  There is one stand alone modular building that houses grades 5-8. The physical condition is good overall although some kitchen facilities need to be upgraded. Current budgets plan for a new school bus and generator. A sprinkler system may also be required in the near term.

Current enrollment is 114 students. Pembroke operates its own School Department at the elementary level. At the secondary level Pembroke is are part of School Union 104. Secondary students attend Shead High School in Union 104 and, through tuition payments, Calais High School and Washington Academy. The school is uses for daytime instruction and students’ extra-curricular activities. It is also used by the community for a wide variety of functions, both public and private.  These include but are not limited to:  public hearings and meetings, private parties and receptions, coffee houses, St. Croix Garden Show, and musical performances.  The school charges private users a nominal fee to offset the costs of electricity and fuel consumption.

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