Town of Pembroke, Maine

Tax Maps and Assessor Information


Property Owner by Map/Lot Number

2022 Tax Commitment Book    2022 Valuation Report
2021 Tax Commitment Book    2021 Valuation Report
2020 Tax Commitment Book    2020 Valuation Report
2019 Tax Commitment Book    2019 Valuation Report
2018 Tax Commitment Book    2018 Valuation Report
2017 Tax Commitment Book    2017 Valuation Report
2016 Tax Commitment Book    2016 Valuation Report
2015 Tax Commitment Book    2015 Valuation Report
2014 Tax Commitment Book    2014 Valuation Report
2013 Tax Commitment Book    2013 Valuation Report
2012 Tax Commitment Book    2012 Valuation Report
2011 Tax Commitment Book    2011 Valuation Report
2010 Tax Commitment Book    2010 Valuation Report
2009 Tax Commitment Book    2009 Valuation Report
2008 Tax Commitment Book    2008 Valuation Report



The Town of Pembroke has digitized its tax maps.

These maps available in the following two formats:

1) On this site visitors can download tax map sheets  as PDF files – essentially a “picture” of the tax map sheets. You can also download an index of these maps online.

2)  At the town office visitors will be able to view the tax map information as a Geographic Information System (GIS) data layer using ArcReader on a computer terminal. The GIS map layer will be linked to the assessment information. Other GIS data layers that will be available include flood zones, critical habitat, waterways and wetlands, roads, and so on.

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